Goodbye Sleepless, Hello Serene
Life in the fast lane is super exhausting. Long work hours, constant worries and a lot of screens take their toll on our eyes, our body and our mind. Sleepris offers you an escape. Using soothing light Therapy, a ground breaking ultra versatile Vibration Massage, calming heat compress and focusing breathing guidance, Sleepris guarantees that in just 10 minutes, you will get some much needed peace of mind. With four mind easing modes you just choose whether you want to easily fall into deep sleep, go into mindfulness state, or just relieve your eyes, block the outside world, return into focus and relax.
  • 650-850nm

    Red light-waves therapy

  • 10+

    Massage rhythms

  • 8

    Micro-vibration nodes

  • 0.27lbs

    Super light-weight

  • 107

    Constant temperature

  • 7 layers

    light-blocking fabric

  • 4

    Calming modes

  • 36dB

    Noise reduction

Calm eyes, dream deep.
This is a magic weapon to put you into deep sleep
Deep Sleep/Soft light enhances drowsines
Full eye coverage with 650-850nm light waves to boost melatonin, enhancing natural sleep readiness for a swift transition into deep sleep.
  • Red Light Therapy
  • Infinite Soft Design
  • Silent Earplugs
  • Super Light-Weight
Mindfulness Meditation enter mindfulness faster
Our device helps shift your brain from a beta to an alpha state, reducing anxiety and improving overall well-being.
  • Synchronous Frequency Vibration
  • Rhythmic Breathing Light
Tired Eyes Massage and
warm relaxation
8 micro acupuncture nodes, with high-frequency vibration + heat, relax eye muscles, improve blood flow, and induce deep relaxation.
  • 4 Modes Switching
  • Vibration Massage
  • Sleep-Grade Heat
Benefits of a safety-first system
Gentle Vibrating Massage and Heat Therapy
Relieves eye fatigue, promotes better blood circulation around the eyes, helping to alleviate anxiety and reduce tension.
Light Therapy
Aids in regulating your circadian rhythm, making it easier to fall asleep and maintain deep sleep, ultimately improving sleep quality.
Lightweight and Soft
Ensures uninterrupted sleep throughout the night by preventing discomfort caused by the bulkiness of traditional eye masks.
Silent Operation
Helps reduce disruptions from external noises, creating a quieter sleep environment.
360° View

Slide left and right

Award certification
Recognized by meditation experts, technology helps bring "Back to life".
Hear the cheers from pedestrians: "Amazing! Instantly enter a state of bliss."
Awarded the Red Dot Design, but we won't stop there.
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